Most Read Authors

So here’s a list of the authors I own the most books of. This doesn’t have to mean that they’re my favorite authors, but just that I own a lot of books written by them 🙂

  • First Place: Rick Riordan

I own a total of 23 books. Favorite: Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Series) ♥

  • Second Place: Cassandra Clare

I own a total of 21 books. Favorite: The Dark Artifices (Triology) ♥

  • Third Place: Jennifer L. Armentrout

I own a total of 18 books. Favorite: The Dark Elements (Triology) ♥

  • Fourth Place: P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

I own a total of 12 books. Favorite: /

  • Fifth Place: Stephen King

I own a total of 9 books. Favorite: /